Another week shoots past – the weather apart from the weekend was kind to us. There is quite a lot of news on visits, tests and PPE below – boring but important.

Most importantly for the residents, last week was Olympic Week! Not too many 100m sprints, high jumps or marathons, but each resident achieved their own goals and golds this last week, so massive congratulations to everyone, however much they were involved.

Of course, you cannot run a Games without the artwork, so Monday was all about rings and sports – some fantastic ideas came out. And just as you cannot have the Olympics without artwork, you cannot have a week at The Priory without cake! My favourite sport – eating, not so much the baking. The design of the cakes this week was an Olympic cake for a Gold Medal Winner. Once again, I did not realise how much chocolate was essential for a gold medal cake – but we all live and learn.

On Wednesday, the heats took place, warming up our athletes for the big day. With Friday’s final in mind, we played skittles, hoopla, darts and the boules were brought out again. Was our champion Madge, about to be defeated? Vera came through with a fantastic performance to win. We would just have to wait and see………  Then, to settle us down, Thursday was a rest day with Zoe’s Painting based around Creative Minds Aztec stencils

And of course, the Final is always on a Friday. This week was the Modern Pentathlon. As with all high level sports, a keen eye, great co-ordination and a calm nerve would be essential. The crowd’s favourite – Ball through Hoop – was our first round, followed by Skittles, Darts and then Hoopla. The final round was a new one to the Olympic Games – Airplane Hoops. This really sorted the professionals from the amateurs, with a lot of early round dismissals. Using a squadron of paper planes, the top 3 entered into the ring. Madge the Marauder, Valiant Vera and Bobsleigh Brian. I think the bobsleigh hampered Brian in his glides and he came through in bronze medal position. This left the grudge match between the ladies. Vera threw first and scored the best so far, but as in last season’s Olympics, the Marauder was not to be beaten and once again, Madge claimed the gold medal and a bouquet of flowers, with Valiant Vera in second place with a well fought silver medal.

This week is Friendship Week. We will talking about our friends, what they mean to us, painting portraits and making friendship bracelets. A lovely idea.

On the more mundane side, we are STILL awaiting our tests to begin the new weekly/monthly testing regime. We are being told it is in hand and there is high demand, but as of today, no testing yet.

On PPE, the Government have updated their guidance on the use of PPE, which in essence is asking all care home staff, irrespective of whether they are delivering care or not, to wear a mask. As always, we will follow the directives, but I am sure this will have to be looked at again for some staff groups such as the kitchen.

And finally, visits. As you will no doubt have seen on the news, visits indoors to care homes are to be allowed. The requirements on care homes are identical to those we have been running for garden visits, so they should not be too onerous to implement. As advised in my last update, Lynne has been on a well-deserved holiday, so she and I will review the directives, our risk assessments and produce an updated policy to share with you. As soon as that is complete and we have the right equipment in place, we will provide you all with the new details. In the interim, garden visits can continue as before.

That’s it for another update – we will come back to you with more info on the visits as soon as we can. As always, keep safe.