Weekly update – Monday 17th August

We were all hoping for rain – so we got what we wished for – and such blessed relief.

To start with, a very big thank you from all of us to all of you. Lynne received an email from Jill, one of Yvonne’s daughters, to say how grateful she and the whole family were for the unexpected response to Yvonne’s passing. The mutual support and shared strength from the whole wider Priory family over these months and especially with the sadness of Yvonne’s death, is wonderful to see and feel. Thank you.

This week was Tea week and as Zoe was on holiday, it was all down to Clare. Well done Clare for such fun and imagination!

Monday was painting with teabags and colouring teapot pictures – all different shapes and sizes. Tuesday was what tea was invented for – a good gossip! Nothing better than a cuppa and a chat, followed by Bingo and of course, chocolate prizes.

As I have said before, we never miss an opportunity for chocolate or cake, so having enjoyed our prizes on Tuesday, for Wednesday, it was cupcake creations for our afternoon tea. Thursday started quietly with flower arranging in a teacup. Such a wonderfully simple yet effective idea. But then it all seemed to go wrong………………………

James was in for another garden concert – we had enjoyed Kieran and Paul on Monday and Tuesday – but as it was so hot, many of the residents were in the foyer. James was on fine form and so the tambourines came out. I think the Jamaican Week steel band has got into everyone’s system and the room was rocking. There are a few videos on the Priory Family WhatsApp that show the pure joy of music – Puppet on a String was a real favourite. And may I say, the joy of dance! We now have a manager who can “twist and shout” with the best of them.

Friday morning was the tea trolley game – just like the conveyor belt on the Generation Game. Look carefully at all the items on the trolly and see how many you can remember – was there a cuddly toy? The winner was Elsie who won a trophy and of course……some chocolates. A lovely lunch and then we moved into more mayhem with the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Smoked salmon, egg & cress, cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches with sausage rolls followed by scones with clotted cream and jam and then if room, chocolate eclairs. Best of all – Pimms served from a teapot! Who cannot enjoy that? I am assuming this was then followed by a long, long lie down.

With the weather breaking, we have started to use the new lounge for our indoor visits. With a few done so far, it seems to be working well. We have started using a quick questionnaire that staff will complete on your behalf, for Track & Trace if required. These will be destroyed after 28 days and hopefully, never be needed!

A quick reminder that you must pre-book ALL visits as most days are booked up, with 1 visitor per resident per 2-week period. Please be on time as someone else may be booked in straight afterwards and staff need time to clean down the visiting area – thank you.

And amazingly, we are now about to receive our tests! Having thought we would see nothing till September, an email informed us at the end of last week, of their arrival. With staff on holiday and the need to book limited collection slots, Lynne is planning to start the process next week. As before, if there are any questions about the process, please do ask.

And finally, if you feel able to, we would love you to submit a review on how we have been performing on www.carehome.co.uk. You can either click on “submit a review” at the top of the main page and then search for us by postcode – SN15 1AA, or go directly to the page by using this link;


As always, please feel free to share this with your families and friends. Catch up next week!