Weekly update – 24th August 2020

We have had sun, wind and rain  – all seasons in one week! Poor old Ukulele Piddle got the worst of it on Tuesday and wasn’t able to join us, but Kieran and James braved the elements and made it through.

Kieran’s Garden Concert on Monday was a whole load of new tunes. We are all creatures of habit, but they all went down – excuse the pun – a storm! On Thursday James went rocky – luckily, not the the Sylvester Stallone version. Great tunes, fantastic beats and so the tambourines were out in force. Lynne has shared a number of videos from the day and I loved seeing the walking sticks tapping in time as well. Sadly, no dancing this time……..

This week has been Grand Prix week – loads of boy racers and back seat drivers. Monday was spent painting racing cars and Tuesday was dot to dot – that brings back memories – and colouring them in. Wednesday was the warm up competition to win a car! Sadly, not the real thing, but perhaps even more exciting – a chocolate Thorntons car. The challenge was dominoes and the winner was Madge Curtis who very kindly shared her winnings, so they didn’t last long!

Thursday was car pool karaoke – can you remember what songs you used to sing with your family while travelling. Some great memories came up – It’s a long way to Tipperary; All things bright and beautiful; My old man’s a dustman; and many more. And of course, Happy Birthday which we all sang to Trixie to celebrate her special day – her 99th birthday!

The videos include If you’re happy and you know it… and probably the noisiest, The Proclaimers, I will walk 500 miles. If you can’t bash a tambourine to that, when can you?

Friday was race day – with The Priory Grand Prix. Toy cars were raided from various kids’ rooms and the race track was laid out and the dice was warmed up. Bets were laid with our never-ending supply of chocolate coins to see who would win. This race was Ladies’ Day as the gents appeared to have been exhausted by the bashing, stamping and tapping of Thursday’s sing along. The prize was a bottle of Prosecco, so the staff were heavily involved as well, and the winner……………..you guessed it – Madge Curtis. How Madge does this I have no idea, but all I can say is let’s get her to pick the lottery numbers and we will be guaranteed winners!

Day at the races is never complete without a hotdog, so out came the sausages, tommy sauce and mustard – I’m salivating just writing about it! And bless her, Madge wanted to share her Prosecco with everyone – hot dogs and bubbles – what more can you ask for.

The visits appear to be working well, especially as we have had to be indoors for much of the week. So thank you for your continued understanding and for booking in advance and sharing the slots.

Testing is starting this week, with Wednesday being the plan unless anything goes awry. Lynne and Paula will be processing and logging the swabs for staff this week. Results are supposedly back within 24-48hrs, so we will let you know how it all progresses. Testing for residents will sytart in September.

Now homes have been allowed visitors, we have had a number of viewings for the few spare rooms that we currently hold – fully PPE’d. Everyone has commented on the atmosphere of the Home and the joy that there is. So, hopefully we will see 3 or 4 new residents and their families join us in the next month.

And finally, thank you to those of you who have helped us with a review on carehome.co.uk.

Last week, I asked if you felt comfortable, could you either click on “submit a review” at the top of the main page and then search for us by postcode – SN15 1AA, or go directly to the page by using this link;


Thank you to everyone for your help – new families will often read your reviews for a first hand opinion on The Priory.

As always, please feel free to share this with your families and friends. Catch up next week – we will be a day or so late with holidays. Enjoy your Bank Holiday and we will let you know how Film Week went.