Good morning all – another week has gone by so quickly. Schools are back or going back; students will soon be off to University and the traffic is getting worse! Almost back to normal…….

Thank you again for helping keep The Priory, our residents and staff safe. After a few hiccups and reminders, the new regime seems to be settling in. We know it is not perfect, but it is working and everyone is able to spend time with friends and family either in the garden, in the safe lounge or by video and phone call.

We have had a busy week with Pets at The Priory. Monday starts as Mondays often do, with a bit of creative art. This time it was colouring pictures of our favourite pets. Either pets we have had or ones we wished we could have. Lots of chatting about old family animals – dogs, parrots, rabbits, cats.

Tuesday was a bit of competition with 101 Dalmations Dominoes. Well, just dominoes, but they were black and white, so 101 Dalmations was the best link we could think of. Great fun and this time we had joint winners with Elsie and Margaret Boswell.

Monday’s art theme continued on Wednesday with making and painting paper snakes. The Dining Room is now more of a vivarium with snakes hanging off lights and walls and peering round corners – great fun – unless you are Ophidiophobic – afraid of snakes, Had to look that one up!

On Thursday we focussed on our feathered friends, making homemade bird food for the garden birds around The Priory. As you can guess, this got a bit messy, but great fun and the birds will be very grateful.

Friday was Bring a Pet to Work Day – and what a selection we had. Zoe brought in her baby guinea pigs; Clare arrived with Chester the cockapoo, Desmond the rabbit and Chipper the budgie. Chipper was so talkative and he stayed all day with the residents chatting and him responding. Hopefully not been taught too many rude words. It was lovely to see all the residents interacting with the animals. In celebration of the day, tea was hot dogs, with animal shaped fruits and dog shaped biscuits. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day a success.

Full home testing went ahead last week, with Lynne spending most of her day looking up nostrils and down throats. Well done to everyone – it is not a great experience, but essential for the home to operate safely. Results are not back as yet, but they should be with us any day soon.

I think that is it for now – please keep visiting (only when you have booked!), videoing, phoning, writing and posting. Have a good week.