Visits to The Priory Care Home

Updated 9th April 2021

As many visitors are aware, the Government guidelines have been developing over the last few weeks. The details below are a summary of the procedures that The Priory is following to meet those guidelines. These procedures are essential for all visitors and are a requirement for each visit. Please do not ask Staff to vary from them as for your own safety and that of our residents and staff, we are adhering to them rigidly. They are not our guidelines, they are guidelines for each and every care home in England.

As before with the one named visitor, but now with TWO named visitors, all named visitors must adhere to the visiting procedures detailed below. However, named visitors are able to visit indoors without a screen and to be able to hold hands, but close contact such as hugging should not happen. Both named visitors can visit at the same time or individually if preferred. Other visitors – other than the two named visitors -are allowed, but these must either be outside maintaining a space of 2m or through a closed window or if indoors, the visit must be one individual and be behind a screen – without physical contact.

We require all visits to use the following procedures;

Visits must be booked in advance and confirmed by a member of staff who will document the name, date and time of the visit. We ask that visitors adhere to the time slots as out of time visits or ad-hoc visits will be refused. The time slots currently available are 10 & 12 am, 2 & 4 pm, with an evening slot if work does not allow a daytime visit.

 By visiting, all visitors are confirming that they are free of any COVID-19 symptoms on the day of their visit – fever/temperature, new or persistent cough, and/or loss of sense of taste or smell. Also, that they have not had recent contact (last 14 days) with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed diagnosis.

All visitors’ temperatures will be taken upon arrival via non-touch thermometers.

All visitors will be required to take a Lateral Flow Device test (LFD). Please arrive in plenty of time for the test to be taken and the result generated – 15-20 minutes. We will also ask for some personal information required by NHS Track & Trace to log your test results on their system. We do not retain any of this data.

Upon completion of a clear LFD test, visitors will be asked to don suitable PPE which The Priory will provide – this is to be worn at all times during the visit.

Visits will always be for a maximum period of 30 minutes indoors or 40 minutes outside so that the area can be cleaned and to avoid crossover of visitors.

Hands must be washed for 20 seconds or hand sanitiser used both on entering and leaving the home. Coughs or sneezes must be caught in tissues and hands cleaned after disposal of the tissues.

Face coverings should be worn at all times.

Please do not bring in any gifts, flowers etc.

For more vulnerable residents, the Home will develop an individual visiting plan that will be agreed with the resident where possible and with the family or supporters.

Indoor visits for 30 minutes will take place in the new lounge. The procedures detailed above will apply in all cases.  Visitors will be asked to enter the new lounge directly by the double doors to that room. You are required to use the hand sanitiser provided and staff will ensure that PPE is provided & worn. Once the visit is complete, we ask that you leave the lounge through the same double doors that you entered through.  Government advice is that traffic through the Home should be avoided wherever possible. A call bell is available in the lounge to summon staff at the end of the visit or to call for assistance should it be required. If conversations with the Home Manager or other staff are required, we ask that these are done by telephone.