Weekly update from The Priory – 13th April 2021

Talk about all the seasons in one day and yesterday was the day. No snow at The Priory, but so many places did get a good covering and looked magical.

As planned, staff and residents had their second dose of vaccine on Friday. Everyone was very brave, with a few sore arms or muzzy heads over the weekend, but far fewer side affects than first time out, which was good to see. A few weeks to allow the vaccine to work its magic and then we should have our defences fully charged. Great news all round.

We have also extended our visiting to two named visitors as of Monday 12th April. We have updated our visiting procedures and these are attached to this update. Could you please share with members of your families and friends so that everyone is clear on how visits are working. We have had a few questions about the procedures and a few un-booked visits, so please do read the document so that everyone is clear. As I say in the procedures, the guidelines we are implementing are England wide guidelines for all care homes; these are not The Priory just trying to be “difficult”! Thank you.

As we start getting back to normal, our hairdresser will be returning next week. A big thank you to Gemma who has been keeping everyone’s lockdown locks at bay. Our chiropodist will also be returning in the next few weeks and with the weather hopefully warming up, we are planning on re-starting our garden concerts towards the end of the month or probably early May.

We have also provided two more mobile phones for families and friends to call residents on. These are for incoming calls only. Please call The Priory on the main number as usual and we will check which mobile phone is free, give you the number and ask you to call back on that line – we can then take the phone to the resident whilst you are calling back. This keeps our main line free for The Priory as a whole. If you want to purchase a specific mobile for a resident, then we can organise that for you and put it on incidentals – approx. £10 -15 for the phone and £10 for SIM only card. Or, bring one in on your next visit?

Our activities of last week were very floral, but the week started with some baking. The kitchen always produces such lovely smells, but they just seem stronger when the residents have been cooking. Monday was Cinnamon Swirls with an icing drizzle – this sounds very Masterchef! They cooked beautifully and were still warm for afternoon tea.

Tuesday and Wednesday were very flowery. We had a lovely load of spring flowers brought in on Tuesday for flower arranging and then on Wednesday we were cutting, painting and making paper flowers for our noticeboards. This continued into Thursday morning and then in the afternoon we had chocolate bingo – an essential part to every week. Trixie won the full house, while Miriam Smith won a line. But I am sure chocolate was shared all round.

With the competitive juices flowing, Friday was a games day – skittles, darts and hoopla. Madge won the competition overall, while Hugh came 2nd and Margaret Boswell 3rd, but I am sure everyone loved the games and the banter.

A busy week gone and another to come. We will catch up with you after the weekend. One which is warming up, so fingers crossed and a few visits outside?