2nd June 2021 – Update from The Priory

Good morning and a wonderful one at that! The diaries say that summer has arrived and it certainly feels that it has – soon we will be complaining that it’s too hot!

This weather means that our entertainers can get into full swing without dodging the rain whilst cowering under one of the brollies. Perhaps they may even be allowed inside in the Autumn? And the garden can once again become a second home for many of our residents. Everyone loves a bit of warmth on their face – and perhaps an ice cream or glass of Pimms in their hand.

Clare and Zoe have been getting their thinking caps back on and our theme weeks are working their way back. Though it has been delayed to September this year, the Chelsea Flower Show would normally be running during May, so in memory of the usual event, The Chelsea Flower Show was brought to The Priory. As with most of May, it was wet, so our show was indoors – with everything around the flower theme. We started the creative juices with drawings and colouring, followed up on Tuesday with flower arranging. Doing the arranging early in the week means that we can enjoy the colourful displays often up to and including the weekend, as table decorations and general displays around the home. Wednesday was a flower quiz – a quiz of real flowers picked from various gardens so that we had a real variety to confuse the quizzers. Flower cakes were not so easy, but as flowers are loved by butterflies, we thought that butterfly cakes with butter icing was near enough! Then on Friday, the residents created their own gardens – miniature ones. These looked amazing and so creative. The gardens had ponds, fences, stone features, lawns and even miniature watering cans and wheelbarrows. So clever and bright. The Gold medal went to Margaret Boswell, Silver to Miriam and Bronze to Elsie.

For last week, the theme was James Bond – with an awful lot of Sean Connery impressions! Though Daniel Craig is the current Bond – with his last film being delayed time and time again over the last 18 months, I think for many of us, Sean Connery is the ultimate Bond – with some great villains as well. Our spies progressed with various challenges during the week. A James Bond collage was created at the start of the week and then it progressed with spy ID’s and spy names – Edgy Shadow, Diamond Ninja, Lightning Flash and my favourite, Liberty Mist. Once named, there was target practice in the old lounge with “real” nerf weapons, finishing off with a complete spy mission at the end of the week. Such as different week and so much fun.

There was also a fun week for two residents. First of all, Muriel Millard celebrated her birthday on Thursday. Such a popular lady, I think she has a phone on both ears at one time with all the calls coming in. And then in the afternoon, a number of her family were able to visit her in person.

Then on Friday, we had an even more special day, with a 100th birthday for Honor Wright. The Queen had sent Honor a birthday card, which was so special for her and she was able to celebrate being 100yrs young with her family. The new lounge was decorated for her to meet them – socially distanced- and it was lovely to be able to celebrate a family event of real joy. Happy Birthday Honor.

We are also delighted to welcome Bernie Bennett who joined us at The Priory early last week. With another PCR test to come, we will very soon be able to welcome Bernie properly. We look forward to you enjoying your stay with us and of course, lockdown permitting, welcoming your family as well.

May was a popular month for staff birthdays as well. Many happy returns to Faith, Judith, Natalie, John, Gemma and May – happy birthday to you all.

Finally, some families of past residents are planning some memorial parties. These are much loved residents whose lives we were unable to celebrate as a wider family. Berly – 26th June, Bruce, 26th June and Brian, 29th August. If families of current residents would like to join in, please do speak with Lynne.

On the more mundane side, testing continues for staff and residents as before. Hopefully you will have seen the update sent last week asking if you can do your own test at home before you visit, bringing evidence with you. This should speed everything up for us all.

Take care and have a wonderful few weeks.