Good afternoon to you all on a lovely summer’s day. It is only the start of August but it does feel as though we have had a long summer already, which is fantastic. The heat earlier in the month wasn’t quite so wonderful, but it is amazing how many residents love the warmth so not everyone was looking for the shade. We all survived thankfully with curtains blocking out the worst of the sun, breezes blowing through when it wasn’t too hot and a wide variety of fans keeping us cool as well. Lots of drinks and ice creams, so not too bad really.

This summer we haven’t had to be dodging either the showers or Covid, so our entertainers have been able to play to us in the garden for the last 6 weeks or so – nothing beats live music in the sun. We have had to provide them with a few sunshades though. A couple of weeks ago we had our first family tea party with James playing his guitar and singing a real variety of songs. He was in a bit of a Beatles mood which was lovely for us but then somehow he got side-tracked into musicals and we are trying to guess the name of the shows – we all knew the songs, but which shows – great fun.

We had a great turn out with everyone working their way through the fresh cakes and cream teas – it was lovely to see so many families and as I have said before, without having to wear masks so we all knew who each other looked like! Our next family tea party is on Saturday 20th August –2.30-4.30pm.

We hope that you and your wider family are able to join us – even if you came along to July’s afternoon. The musical entertainment this time will be Paul from UkelelePiddle – another wonderful musician. Of course, tea and cakes for everyone and some ice creams for any children who may like to come along. As before, it will be a very informal event, so residents, families and staff can get to know each other.

As before, could we ask that a maximum of 2 family members per resident book with Lynne initially. Once we have a better handle on the weather and can be certain that we can use the garden as well, we will offer additional spaces. We look forward to seeing you then.

We have also welcomed a few new residents to The Priory – Joan Williams, Mary Harris and Ian Dredge. We hope you really enjoy your time with us and perhaps we may be able to catch up with your families at the tea party.

We are also completing painting the outside of the new building. We had to wait for the weather to improve, and now it has, it is obviously very hot for Richard to work in. It will be done this month anyway and I am sure it will look very smart once it is finished.

Finally a few quick reminders that were in our last update.

Our next outing will be tenpin bowling in Bristol on Wednesday 21st September, at 2pm. The bowling is easily accessible as the alleys are wheelchair and frame friendly and there is a bowling frame that we use so everyone can be on target. We will put up a notice nearer the time so that families can join as well.

We also restarted our residents’ meetings in June and our next meeting will be on Friday 12th August.

We are now running our quality survey. It is a simple document that gives us an idea of how we are doing in supporting residents and families. We would love to get your thoughts and ideas – hard copies are available by the visitors book in the main entrance. If you would like an electronic copy, let me know.

That’s it – have a lovely August and hopefully see many families on the 20th.

A quick PS as well. A few months ago, I explained that Lynne had been quite poorly with her heart and that she had undergone a procedure to rectify it. Sadly, that procedure has not taken and so she is now on a program of medication to then undergo a further procedure later this month. This means that she will not be in work much during August and Judith, I and the senior care team will be covering. We wish her well and a speedy recovery.