Month: August 2023

  August update from The Priory   Still no summer, but at least the end of this week is a lot better than it has been so the residents have been able to take some rays in the comfort of the garden. The weather put a bit of a dampener on our Family Tea Party […]

  July update from The Priory   Is it just me, or as we progress through the summer, is the weather getting worse rather than better? At least the lawns are not that pale shade of brown this year – so far anyway. The garden is looking great at The Priory thanks to John, so […]

  June update Just a short update this month as Judith and I have been away for 10 days. A visit to France, with quite a bit of rain! It is so frustrating that it has been lovely back here – but wonderful too. The most immediate event is our rescheduled pub visit on next […]