About Priory Care

The Priory Care Home in Chippenham is a homely and welcoming place, offering respite care, residential care and assisted living. 

We pride ourselves on offer care and assistance when it is needed, while ensuring all residents get privacy when they want it. 

Placed just half a mile from Chippenham, a bustling, market town, residents love the location. 

The Priory is a care home set in a quiet residential area, so it offers peace and tranquility.

One happy family

Walk through the front door of The Priory Care home and you'll be welcomed and comforted by the homely, friendly atmosphere.  

Our residents come first and that is why life at the home is perfect for all kinds of residents. 

Whether you are looking for someone to help after a hospital stay, or you need a little more assistance for daily life, you can be rest assured that you will find it right here. 

Social Living When you want it

As well as well-equipped rooms and apartments, The Priory Care Home offers a beautiful place to socialise. 

With views of the South facing garden, the summers here are beautiful and relaxing. 

If you want to make friends and have a chat with other residents, you'll enjoy the wood panelled room and the heritage styled fireplace. 

It's a great place to while away the hours and when you've had enough, you can retire to your own room for some alone time. 

Beautiful Gardens

Weather permitting, our gardens are well tended to, offering residents who want to enjoy some sunshine a gorgeous place to sit. 

With it being South facing, it's a very pleasant place during the Spring and Summer, with manicured lawns, natural floral areas and a very sunny disposition. 

And with the care home being in a quiet residential area, you can enjoy the bird song as the days go by. 

Our experience of The Priory has been very positive, if you're looking for a small care home c20 residents I'd have no hesitation in recommending them - very caring, empathetic and responsive to each individual's needs with plenty of activities.