Assisted Living

Think ahead for the moment. You’re a sprightly new pensioner, without a twinge or a care. But with the future in mind, you invest in a sheltered flat for yourself, with an emergency alarm bell and live-in warden. There are some 60 other residents and the warden is an energetic state-registered nurse of 58. It seems a sensible move.

But, 10 years later, the warden is 68 and wants to retire. No suitable replacement can be found. You and the other residents are now in your 80s and frail, but the original developers made no provision for continuing care. What is going to happen to you?

Even live-in wardens do not necessarily guarantee security: who answers the alarm bell when the warden is out? And what happens when the elderly fall ill and need hospital care themselves? The growing fear is that the “sheltered home” will just shut its doors to them and insist that they remove themselves – often in their 80s and virtually alone in the world.

With Assisted Living, however, there is now another option.

This new concept allows elderly people to buy their own home – and stay totally independent if they wish – within a care complex where help is on hand if needed. It is possible for you to choose a new apartment, in a beautiful setting that offers a complete range of Assisted Living facilities.

By paying a monthly Service Charge, you no longer have to worry about insuring or maintaining your home, cleaning or laundry or if you wish, even shopping and cooking. In the event of an emergency, a 24-hour call facility will bring immediate and qualified aid. Other help, from assistance with shopping and cleaning to professional care, can be called upon as needed.