Our commitment

We care very much about our commitment to our residents and their families here at The Priory and we have developed a commitment list, which outlines all of our beliefs and efforts to fulfil the very best care needs possible.

It acts as a care home guide for our home and outlines all the policies we have for all our residents. 

Below is a list of our Commitment to Care of residents and what they can expect when the live in our home. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us

Our commitment to Care at The Priory Care Home, Wiltshire

Residents at the Priory will:-

  • Be encouraged to maintain their independence
  • Have their need for privacy respected
  • Be treated with dignity
  • Have their human, emotional and social needs respected and fulfilled
  • Be encouraged to follow their own religion
  • Be addressed as they wish
  • Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their home
  • Be able to retain the doctor of their choice
  • Be cared for by adequate and appropriately trained staff
  • Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time
  • Have the right to consult their own solicitor
  • Be provided with nourishing and appetising food
  • Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home
  • Be encouraged to participate in recreational facilities
  • Prior to admission, have the opportunity to discuss their care needs with the Care Manager, to establish an appropriate plan of care
  • Be encouraged to contribute to their own ongoing plan of care or appoint a person to do so on their behalf
  • Be entitled to see a copy of all personal information held on them by the Home
  • Be able to complain to The Priory Care Home Managing Director and/or the Care Quality Commission.

Our Food Hygiene Rating is Very good and we score Good on our last Quality Care Commission report, so you can be safe in the knowledge that staying with us offers the highest standards of care possible. 

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